Hey everybody, I hope you’re all well and feeling fabulous. It’s normal for celebrities to be showered with free promotional gifts and presents especially when their birthdays come around, but young Miami might be asking a little too much.

The one-half of city girls landed in hot water after she took to Instagram to ask her social media followers to send her birthday money on cash App, young Miami, real name, Kirusha Brownlee, recently gave birth to her second child.

Korea asked that all of her followers send her 5 pounds each as a birthday present, but she also requested that her more generous followers feel free to send her $20 instead and then she posted her cash app information.

However, as soon as she Posted the cash App request on Instagram many fans launched a mutiny in the comments section they called the 23-year-old Miami rapper ghetto broke and greedy Korea quickly realized that her comments were flooded with angry fans, so she swiftly deleted the post.

Here are some comments that were made before the post was deleted. One person found it “weird when celebrities asked for money” especially when you consider that the star has released a successful album that was supported by her fans.

Another Instagram user said, “well this is the first time I’ve seen a celebrity ask for birthday money from fans, and I am certain some dumbass sent a piece of their rent, child support, and tuition bill to her”.

However, don’t think her request for money from her fans didn’t work as she managed to get thousands of dollars and the post was only live for a matter of minutes. Just look at how many fans sent the millionaire rapper some money.

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