How to Handle Haters


Today I’m going to share with you, something that I learned from Grant, Cardone in his audiobook the 10x rule, which is probably in my top three most, motivating book recommendations. I’ve listened to that audiobook probably at, least five times in its entirety since I, first heard it a few years ago.

It is, one of those audiobooks that can give you that needed kick in the butt when you’re feeling, unmotivated and you just need someone to, kind of give you that boost of, motivation and also some really great, practical steps and techniques to take, action in your life.

If you’re not, familiar with Grant Cardone, I will link his social media and YouTube, channel at the bottom of this post but, something that he says often that really, stands out to me and something that I, really want to share with you is the difference between haters and naysayers.

Now you might be thinking Melissa your blog is all about positivity why are, you talking about haters well something, that I actually find quite fascinating is why the haters/naysayer in our lives are can be a really toxic influence in your life because, they go under the radar so I’m gonna, explain to you a hater is basically, someone in your life who is jealous of, you or doesn’t want you to succeed or is, just a negative force in your life.

Now, normally the haters can be quite obvious and easy to identify, like you can notice when someone is, jealous of you or when someone has bad, intentions toward you so it’s very easy, to kind of avoid that.

However a naysayer can often be someone that’s very very close, to you so Grant uses the example of his, own mother being a naysayer in his own, life and the reason that this is so, dangerous is because it can really stop, you from pursuing your dreams without, you even realizing it.

so for example, Grant Cardone’s mom used to tell him you’ve got a good job like, you’re doing well, don’t try to go and start that business, don’t get into real estate it’s too, risky, you’re gonna lose all your money

You’re, going to make the wrong decisions, and you’re gonna end up disappointed and, I don’t want that to happen to you so, don’t do that and he says that these naysayers in our life are often, people who want the best for us they love us they truly believe they are trying to keep us safe and helping us avoid being disappointed.

However, in turn, they’re also preventing us from taking risks and are deterring us from going after what we, really want most in life, many of us probably aren’t even aware, of the naysayers in our life.

Now I’m not saying that it means that you need to, convince them to support you and, change their mind it just means you need to be, aware of when someone is being a, naysayer so that you, can go and take the action anyway.

Now, this is all about really trusting yourself, and when people start telling you, to stay small to not go after that level, of fitness that you’ve always wanted, because maybe you won’t make it or, maybe you don’t really have time to, commit to that gym schedule so don’t do that you’re just gonna end up disappointed and we don’t want you to, change we love you the way you are.

Messages like those above are on one hand so well-meaning and they seem like they’re wrapped in love however these kinds of actions and behaviors can also be very dangerous for our self-growth and for our personal development.

“My Mind Has to Be Completely Focused on My Own Illusions”

I just wanted to write this post as something for you to reflect on in your own life as this might be something that is preventing you, from going after what you really want in your life are there people in your life who are kind of telling you that just stay where you are we love you as you are you don’t start that new business.

But if you have these big dreams in your heart and if you have things that you really want to go after and experience then you’re gonna have to sometimes do it just by following what’s true in your heart

You might not always get the support from those close to you maybe they don’t have it in them to give that to you support sometimes you will just need to muster up your inner strength and just do it as you know it’s the right path for you.

Never forget this is your life and you need to grab all the opportunities that present themselves to you

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