Hey Guy’s , I hope you’re all well .Gucci Mane is well known for not only his rapping or jail time but also for his fancy clothes and cars .

However, his lavish lifestyle might have got him in some trouble with his baby mama who is demanding money from the father of her son . However, in his defense he is claiming that he and Keisha Kay are broke .

Sheena Evans, mother of Gucci Mane’s 11 year old Son Keith has decided to drag him to court Sheena is apparently requesting that the rapper pay her twenty thousand per month instead of two thousand and seventy six per month in child support.

Sheena Evans is apparently seekin a huge increase in child support payments based on Gucci, Mane’s lavish and sometimes over-the-top lifestyle, Keisha Couture and her husband, often flaunt their luxury cars, designer articles of clothing and flashy pieces of jewelry on there Instagram page and on social media in general.

The power couple also had a million-dollar wedding that aired on BET. Gucci said he is broke and the wedding did not cost a lot of money and asked for the case to be dismissed.

The rapper said his income is the same since 2011 . A lot of comments from his fans seemed to be taking the rappers side . One fan said she doesn’t need any damn 17,000 a month. Bitch, please, honestly. If I were Gucci I’d say, two thousand is more than enough

Another commenter said “Chicks are looking for rappers to trap it’s like a new money making scheme or hobby job”.Another commenter stated “this needy bitch sees them Living well , and now she wants seventy thousand a month. Chill.

A third comment, read all of you are saying his baby mama a gold digger, but put yourself in the kids position. You see your dad and his wife iced out dressed in the best designjer brands driving the latest cars and all his offering his son is $2000.

This commento didn’t agree saying “they work for their gifts in life” His baby mama should hustle harder. Maybe she should become a millionaire and give him a certain lifestyle.

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