Versatile, efficient and relaxing, the facial mask is gaining more and more fans among those passionate about beauty. 

From the most practical versions, such as sheet masks, to the deep ones, such as clay facial masks, they have the advantage of adapting to the needs of each skin type and are relatively affordable. 

Want to learn easy tricks to further enhance the effect of yours? Let’s go!

Tip number 1: Make the face mask at night

If your goal is to maximize the effect of your facial mask, applying it at night is your best option.

When you do the above you allow the skin to rest after using your product, you will also be avoiding contact with any external pollution or makeup.

Some masks, like Cilantro & Orange Extract Pollutant Defending Masque, can be left on the skin while you’re sleeping – the result is beautiful skin the next morning!.

Deeply clean your skin before using your mask

Before applying the facial mask, be sure to clean your face! If the mask has exfoliating properties do not use any products that are able to exfoliate beforehand.

However, if you are going to use a non-exfoliating face mask, well then you can take advantage of some facial scrub products you have to remove a thin layer of dead cells. 

This will help your facial product penetrate your pores better.

Powder masks? Dilute with thermal water

Instead of diluting the powdered clay with tap water, boost its effects using thermal water in. 

A few sprays are enough to emulsify the clay – and will add more minerals to your mask.

Gently Massage your skin while removing the mask

Instead of just getting in the shower and removing your entire mask, take the time to give yourself a facial massage. 

Spray a little water and massage the skin in a circular motion, using the mask to help with the sliding motion of the fingers.

Use Thermal water after washing the face mask

Did you wash your face after wearing the mask? Now spray thermal water to help relax your skin even more and prepare it for the final product – which can be Vitamin C, shea butter or some serum.

And now it’s time for the final stage that will make your face mask regime even more incredible is to take some out to relax. 

Read a book, lie down, light some relaxing incense. Switch off your mind and forget the outside world for a moment outside!

Is there an extra trick you use to enhance your face masks? As always hit the social share buttons and leave your comments below.




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