There is a diversity of black skin tones out there, ranging from the light-skinned to dark-skinned. The problem is that not all brands have bothered to produce cosmetics that include our various shades of beauty.

Because of this, some of us end up needing to “find a way” to get a good foundation or the perfect makeup finish. But how can we avoid these difficulties? 

Here are some simple tips:

1. Uneven skin tones

for some of us our skin tones can can be so beautiful but it can also be so frustrating with a tendency to be darker in three areas:

Can you guess the 3 areas? Yep, you guessed right around the mouth, around the eyes and near the root of the hair. Therefore, many of us find it difficult to maintain a uniform skin tone when using liquid or powder foundation.

The tip, in this case, is to use two base colors, one with its natural tone and the other with a “secondary color”. Another simple piece of advice is to try and pt for “oil-free” products since our skin can sometimes be more oily.

2. Blush and natural illuminator

When it comes to brightening the skin the trick can sometimes be to simply opt for illuminators with a golden background, as this can give us an amazing “natural glow”.

3. Beautiful and sultry lips

When it comes to lipsticks, I like to keep it simple: if you want your lips to look sultry and striking, the trick is to bet on shades that stand out from your skin tone, such as blackberry, plum, wine, and chocolate enhance the look by adding a layer of gloss. 

4. Decide what effect you’re trying to achieve

Warm colors, such as bronze, brown, gold or orange could be considered your “comfort zone” colors, while lilac, pink, blue, silver and green create a more daring look. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading the 4 quick tips above and as always hit the Pinterest and social share buttons above and of course, leave your comments below.




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