Finding your perfect lip color can feel like a crazy journey, especially when you don’t take your skin tone into account. In this post, you will learn the easiest way to identify the best lipstick for your skin tone. 

Lip colors for darker skin (shades)

There are various colors and shades of lipstick for darker skin women . Of course not all colors will be a perfect fit for darker skinned woman. 

Some of things to keep in mind is your natural skin tone even the hairstyle you choose to rock can play a part in regards to what lipstick colors and tones might suit you.

Red lipstick look’s amazing on women with dark skin

Dark-skin tones can achieve instant glamour by choosing a vibrant red lipstick color. Red lipstick can add an area of romance and adventure it’s also vibrant, and it can provide a charming and sexy appearance.

For those of you brave enough why not opt for an intense fiery red. This is a bold color that makes all your other features stand out. I love vibrant red For your firmly dark skin, opt for an intense fiery red. 

This is a bold color that makes other features stand out. Red lipstick has a special tendency to add vigor and warmth to dark skin tones and it does a great job at adding vigor and warmth to your skin tone. 

how to use lipstick shades for dark skin

When opting for vibrant and bright lipstick colors it’s always a good idea to consider the importance of good lip maintenance. 

Exfoliate your lips and make sure they are not dry and broken before applying any lipstick color. I like to apply good quality olive oil to my lips and I also regularly brush my lips with a soft cloth and some warm water.

It’s also a good idea to regularly hydrate your lips overnight before applying your lipstick. 

Using a good quality lip balm can help to prevent your lipstick from getting stuck to the lips.

When choosing a lip liner, make sure it matches your lip tone or a lighter shade.

For your your lip color to stand out, it’s always a good idea to keep the rest of your makeup nice and simple . Apply a little powder to your face and a slightly complementary mascara for that impressive look.

The best lipstick for darker skin shades

There are many factors to consider when selecting the best lipstick for darker skin tones. Do not be attracted only by colors and tones, but also consider other characteristics of a good lipstick brand. 

Color and tones: the color or pigment of the lipstick must be rich enough to meet the desired standards. The shade should complement your skin tone to give it a shiny look.

Long-lasting: this is an extraordinary feature of modern colors and lipstick shades. What you choose must have a high lasting power without fading or drying out.

Moisture content: Consider buying a lipstick with enough moisture to keep your mouth soft and hydrated throughout the day. Avoid lipstick that contains unnatural ingredients that can cause your lips to crack or feel irritated.

Glossy lipsticks can sometimes require more maintenance.Ideally the lipstick you choose shouldn’t take too much maintenance for it to keep it looking shiny and polished .

Safety rules:  Some products contain hostile chemical ingredients that can damage your lips and of course should always be avoided .

Darker lipstick tones for darker skin

Dark lipstick can look amazing when combined with complementary shades, such as deep reds or browns. 

The makeup you choose will ideally contrast well with your style of clothing, eye color and hair color and style. 

Black and dark shades of lipsticks can be so attractive. Always, be sure to keep your lips in tip top condition . 

Regularly exfoliate to avoid dry or chapped lips, as black and brown lipsticks have a tendency to settle in the fine cracks of you lips .

Apply a lipstick or concealer of the same shade as your lip color before using your darker lipstick. The foundation used should complement your skin tone for instant natural glamour.

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