coconut oil was all the rage a few years ago after some medical reports highlighted it could aid with weight loss, supermarkets, and pharmacies were selling out. And then just like that, the hype died down.

I’m still a massive fan of coconut oil as I love how many ways it can be used it really is a power-packed miracle oil that has so many useful benefits it can take care of your skin, hair and even your nails!

In the case of your hair, coconut oil acts as a great treatment to help with dryness. It can be used both to moisten the scalp and when mixed with your other moisturizing creams the result is shiny, soft, healthy hair. 

It is also a good idea to carry it with you when you go to the beach or pool: spreading a little oil on your hair helps to protect your hair strands from the salt in the sea and the chlorine in the swimming pool plus it’s great at protecting your hair from sun damage.

Speaking of sun damage, coconut oil has another advantage against other creams the ability to provide sun protection. Studies claim that the product has SPF 10, which guarantees moderate blockage of rays – just enough so that the sun rays still manage to pass through to help the body in the synthesis of vitamin D. 

As if the above wasn’t enough to have you convinced of the benefits of coconut oil it is also free of artificial substances, it would be safer and healthier than some sunscreens (which might add-ed nasties such as contain parabens and other preservatives). 

for those who prefer a totally natural sun protection option, coconut oil could be a good choice.

The above benefits are not it’s only strong points it can also be used to moisturize your lips during the day and before bed, as well as being a great cuticle softener.

It also works as a make-up remover even for your eyelashes – in addition to removing all makeup, it does not burn and also helps to keep the eye region soft and protected.

Last but not least: coconut oil is a great food source as it’s packed full of good fats, it helps in the functioning of the intestine, improves your skin elasticity and has antioxidants ( well, hello, rejuvenation !). 

Have you used coconut oil for your skin routine? Leave your thoughts in the common section and as always hit the share buttons.




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