What is the secret that keeps some couples together for a lifetime? 

Of course, most of us want a truly happy relationship, but the implementation can at times seem difficult. Let’s be real most relationships aren’t all fluffy clouds and rainbows. 

However, there are couples who overcome relationship conflicts and stay together for a lifetime. 

Happy relationship – is that still possible today?

In the past, people used to get married and then stayed side by side for a lifetime. Some marriages may not have lasted for decades, but there are many married couples of older generations who have grown old together and are still happy with each other.

Nowadays, on the other hand, it seems that relationships often fail because of the smallest disagreements. But why is that? And what can we do to avoid giving up on our relationship after our first argument or disagreement? 

We need to always remember that the power is our hands it’s up to us to not throw in the towel after the first argument you have. 

I hope these 10 tips will help you can grow your relationship.

These tips come from couples who have been happy for several decades. So it has been proven that this advice works. However, the following applies: Every relationship is unique. 

However, please see some basic bullet points below :

  • Closeness and security
  • At the same time, the best relationships are independent and respect each other’s freedom
  • mutual respect and a passion for keeping the relationship fresh and exciting

1. Independence

You are a couple, but never forget that are you still two individuals who have your own dreams and wishes, goals, hobbies and opinions. 

You have to give each other enough space to breathe never forget about your own needs and dreams.

 You don’t always have to do everything together. An evening apart with friends is also good for the relationship.

2. Give and Take

Every happy relationship is based on a balanced relationship between give and take. Only then will both partners feel like equal partners and equally valued. If one always takes and the other has to give much more than he or she gets back, bitterness can quickly arise, which shakes the happiness of love.

3. Love yourself

Of course, you want to be loved by your partner just the way you are, with all your strengths and weaknesses? Then you should first of all need to love yourself and accept your weaknesses.

4. Accept your partner’s weaknesses

Just like you, your partner has his or her strengths and weaknesses. While it is, of course, easy to love the strengths, some weaknesses can annoy you. Never forget that your partner has the right to have some weaknesses. Accept them and do not constantly try to criticize or try to change them for it.

5. Setting rules and boundaries

This may sound a bit strict, but there should be certain rules in every relationship that both partners respect. 

These can be really small things such as housekeeping, like who does what. But it can also be also rules regarding loyalty and respect. 

For example, is flirting with other people allowed? is flirting with someone through social media even if you never plan to meet up considered cheating? The rules can of course change over the years as long as both of you agree.

6. Be affectionate with your partner

Even if the initial phase of falling in love fades away, it revives love to show affection again and again. Compliments, a loving hug, a kiss outside the daily routine to greet and say goodbye, a little attention away from anniversaries and other occasions, a warm relationship with each other – all this gives the partner a feeling of appreciation and the continuing affection.

7.Physical contact

A happy relationship also includes physical closeness. Perhaps the desire for sex subsides over the years and decades. But physical contact through gentle touching and cuddling is absolutely necessary so that the relationship does not become a coexistence.

A happy relationship into old age can succeed if both partners pull together and are ready to not immediately flee from the partnership in problem situations. 

Because those who have overcome a relationship crisis as a couple usually emerge strengthened from it. Together, not against each other is the basis of happy couples on which a long, harmonious love is built.

Thanks for reading our 7 steps for a happy relationship and please share and leave your comments below .




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