It is nothing new to anyone that everything Rihanna touches has the potential to turn to gold. 

However, when Rhianna launched Fenty Beauty, the multi-talented singer reached a new status.

impacted by the success of the 40 base tones created by Riri, Other makeup companies are now changing how they communicate their message in regards to black makeup products for us darker-skinned females.

The Babe website published a comparison of old and recent posts on social media for some of the biggest makeup brands in the world. 

While the first photos refer to the traditional communication of the brands, the last (on the right) are the posts made after the launch of Fenty Beauty. Observe the assemblies and draw your own conclusions:

The Estée Lauder, one of the most traditional brands of makeup, now includes black arms in their swatches photos.

The ColourPop is a funky brand that sells mainly through the internet. However, they only started to include darker black skins after the launch of Fenty.

The Kylie Cosmetics, Kylie Jenner, known for its nude lipstick effect, soon after started to also highlight options for black skins, such as “Brown Sugar”.

At the time even Maybelline? didn’t have that many base tones, but it started to show its diversity more clearly.

The Mac has always been considered more inclusive to darker-skinned females in regards to their makeup packages. However, following Rhianna’s Fenty Beauty launch they started to change their communication message.

Have you noticed that after Riri launched Fenty Beauty other brands, began to wake up and take notice .

The truth is we’ve always been consumers but more importantly, we are influencers and trendsetters and I find it amusing that some brands are finally waking up to our buying power and the influence we play in setting the trends of tomorrow.

We sell out a product on the shelves if it works for us! We are not afraid to invest in our beauty, on the contrary, we love being beautiful.

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