Today I want to talk about happiness and the three myths to happiness, in my humble opinion true happiness and fulfilment come when you feel that you’re making a valuable contribution to your world.

The natural emotional state is peace and happiness whenever you experience a deviation from the peace of mind and happiness, it’s an indication that there is something wrong.

That could be due to what you’re thinking of doing or saying, you’re an incredibly complex organism and your feelings of happiness and unhappiness can be triggered by a myriad of factors.

But the bottom line is that your feeling of inner happiness is the very best indicator. You could ever have to tell you what you should be doing more of and what you should be doing less of unhappiness is to your life the same as pain is to your body.

There are many reasons why people don’t listen more closely to their feelings and especially why many people are reluctant to use their own happiness as the standard by which to judge the events in their lives.

There are three major myths about happiness that each of us has to some degree. Let’s talk about them.

The first myth about happiness is that it’s not legitimate or correct for you to put your happiness ahead of everyone else throughout life. You’ll meet people who are very adamant about stating that happiness is something that you may or may not get from life. But it’s not a goal or objective by itself.

These people say that it’s more important to make other people happy than to make yourself happy. Of course, this is nonsense. Human beings are happiness, organisms, everything we do in life is oriented towards maintaining and increasing our level of happiness.

We are psychologically constructed so that it’s impossible for us to be any other way without making ourselves mentally and emotionally ill. The fact is that you cannot give away to anyone else what you don’t have for yourself, just as you cannot give money to the poor, if you don’t have any, you can’t make someone else happy if you are yourself miserable the very best way to assure the happiness of others is to be happy yourself and then to share it with them.

The second myth, closely tied to the first myth that happiness is not a legitimate aim, is the claim that we’re here to serve others rather than ourselves. There are many poems and essays that repeat this main theme.

They say that we’ve justified our life on this earth if we’ve made some other person happy on the way through. This is partially true and partially false. It’s partially true in the fact that most important things in life we do is to serve other people in some way, it’s through service to others that we achieve a sense of meaning and purpose in life.

However, when we lose ourselves in doing something that we feel benefits, someone more than ourselves, that we experience transcendence. To paraphrase Robert Louis Stevenson, everybody makes their living by serving someone.

However, the key is to serve with joy and happiness. The answer to this myth is that, yes, we’re here to serve others, but we’re also here to achieve our own joy, satisfaction, and fulfillment.

As a result, one of the requirements of high self-esteem and confidence is the feeling that we’re making a contribution to the world that we’re living in that we’re putting in more than we’re taking out.

So we serve others in order to be happier than we would be most people allow their parents to influence their Choices of career and find themselves miserable as a result, they want to please their parents. They want to make them happy, but they’re unable to experience any joy in what they’re doing.

So our question today is: have you gone through life, believing one of these myths about happiness, leave a comment below




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