2 Common Mistakes Most Parents Make When Talking With Preschool Children


These are some common mistakes, I’ve witnessed people make when they’re talking to preschool-age children

Hi, this is a very short post of two of the most common mistakes, people make when they’re talking to preschool-age children. There really is a certain way to talk to preschoolers to get them to do what you want them to do, and there are some really obvious mistakes that people make that if you correct them, you might be able to get better results.

So here is my list of the five common mistakes. I see people make number five is over flattery, just going over at the top with a child telling them how amazing and great they are, how outstanding their artwork is. How much you love? Love, love, love it and after a while, what happens is that


The first time you say something over-the-top like that’s the best picture. I’ve ever seen anybody draw they may enjoy it, but if you go overboard and say it every time. Can you guess what happens?

After a while, they will start to think that you’re not being really sincere because they hear you saying it to everybody and then they start feeling, like everything you say, is not very sincere or genuine.

So you want to be sure when you’re talking to a child when you like something say it from your heart not going over at the top with too much flattery and compliments

Tip number two :

number four is saying terms that mean nothing to children to be a little bit blunt you’re just wasting your breath, things like you should know better or how many times have I told you, or I have told you time and time and time again you know how to do this.

Well, the reality is: maybe they don’t because they’re not doing it, and sometimes you really have to teach children how to behave. Much like you would teach them the alphabet.

The numbers color shapes. You really have to spell it out for them quite frankly, you may have to tell them time and time and time again children learn through repetition, and you might have to find several different ways to tell them the same thing repeatedly so that they are constantly hearing it

Thanks for reading and as promised this was just a quick post as it was something that had recently been on my mind.




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