Is there anything better than discovering a new hair love? 

I’ve been searching for some new hair products for curly hair for a while – especially now that summertime is just around the corner. 

Anyone who has curly or curly hair knows that hydration especially in the summer is an essential step to having healthy hair. 

I like to use a moisturizing treatment at home at least once a week and a few months ago my new go-to hair product is L’Oréal Professionnel Curl Contour

Let’s have a look at the official product description

L’Oréal Profesional Curl Contour Mask repairs and intensely nourishes the hair fiber and also helps to maintain the shape of the curls. 

Its formulation contains:

Grape Seed Oil: which strengthens the hair and contributes to making your hair brighter and softer; Berrentrimônio Chloride: which has conditioning and antistatic properties to reduce frizz; Palm Oil: which acts as an antioxidant and emollient, providing hydration and shine to the hair; Citric Acid: which minimizes damage caused by the sun and pollution.

L’Oréal Professional Curl Contour Mask is suitable for curly hair. It has a light texture that does not make your curly hair feel too heavy and goopy.

The first impression of this hair treatment mask was the lightness it provided when applied to my hair. I feel that, at times, some hair brands exaggerate the weight of treatments for curly hair. 

Curl Contour is smooth and great to use more than once a week, One of the things I really like about the Curl Contour mask is its versatility. 

I love the fact that it works really well whether you use it as a quick care product or you can use it as a leave-in conditioner for around 20 minutes.

I recently used it as an overnight leave-in conditioner recently and it added a lovely shine to my hair.

It is also possible to mix it with vegetable oil which will help to enhance the nutritional value and effect. I love that this is the type of wildcard product that can really adapt to all your beauty needs!

I also love the way this product made my curls really tight and super defined.

Although L’Oréal describes Curl Contour as nutritious, I would say that it works more as a hydration hair product. 

The amount of oils in the formula is subtle, so if your goal is to nourish and gain ultra shine, I suggest that you mix a vegetable oil (such as olive, coconut, jojoba) with the product.

What’s your thoughts have you ever tried it? Leave your comments below and as always hit those share buttons .




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