Are you looking for a low maintenance style?

What do box braids, cornrows, micro braids, and every other braided style have in common besides the fact that they require little attention and maintenance? They can all be accessorized with braid beads.

Beads and braids are perfect for long hot summer. Braiding and cornrowing has been a tradition in many African cultures for thousands of years.

1 Box-Braided Bun. A bun is always an elegant look, especially when it’s box-braided and can also be enhanced with beads and it can add an interesting twist with a nice feminine element.

2 Halo Braid with Beads. The braided headband isn’t exclusive to Coachella and festivals., With Just a few beads this look is both classic elegant and perfect for special occasions.

3 Box braid bead ponytail. There’s, nothing better than an elegant ponytail it can look both youthful and regal. Simply,box-braid the hair up into a ponytail plus having your hair up in the summer away from your face is a bonus.

4 Bantu Knots and Beads. This hairstyle is stylish trendy and versatile no matter what type of hair texture you have, you can easily style Bantu knots. Known as a great way to preserve and grow hair the Bantu style with braids is double the protection.

5 Goddess Braids with Beads. Here’s one another cute way to wear golden beads of different sizes for natural hair goddess braids will awaken your inner queen

6 Braided Topknot with Beads. We’re obsessed with topknots in general and this protective hairstyle with a braided topknot is simply perfection. This style will also keep you cool all summer.

7 Kanekalon Magic. This minimalistic hairstyle is made of kanekalon braids and a few beads, of course, you can use as many beads as you want. Everything depends on your mood and occasion.

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