Hi, guy’s, I hope you’re all well ….. As you’re probably aware Shantay Harris AKA “da Brat” has been dating Jessica Cooper, better known as Judy Judy have been dating but there’s even more news.

Da Brat Engaged

The two ladies aren’t just dating they’re engaged Judy broke the news of her engagement on her Instagram yesterday. So now for anyone who doesn’t know Jessica DuPont, better known Durrell Bebe Judy is a founder and CEO, of Keller hair products.

The single mom of a three is a self-made entrepreneur who has expanded, her business into real estate management, mentorship public speaking and philosophy.

She has established herself as a millionaire hair entrepreneur from a young struggling single mother.

Jessica’S kayla hair products generate more than 12 million sales per year. The company has been endorsed by some notable celebrity faces.

Anyway, congratulations Ladys.  Hit the share button and leave your comments in the comments section below.




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