I will admit I’m late to the party as I’ve only recently started listening to Iza I love not only her voice but also her style.

I love the way she rocks really bold and unconventional makeup styles that just pops on melanin-rich skin.

The best part is that many of Iza’s make up ideas are super adaptable for everyday life. It’s time for you to become inspired!

1. Glossy eyes

Iza is a super fan of gloss and is not afraid to use it on the eyelids, both in colored and neutral versions! Here, she rocked with a wet black eye, which falls really well at night. 

2. Metallic lipstick

Colorful and super flashy lipstick is part of Iza’s unique style . The trend of super metallic lipsticks looks incredible on black skin!

3. Dark lacquered lipstick

Iza looks so sultry with this light makeup style and dark lacquered lipstick. This is a simple style to get right and looks beautiful amazing any time of the day or night! .

4. Makeup-Free look

Iza looks amazing here with a very discreet and natural makeup look. I love the subtle wet brown tone in the lower lash line. 

5. Eyelashes

Another way to enhance the discreet make-up of everyday life: choose mega lashes , false or natural.  In this photo, Iza also used a little bit more blush, with neutral shadows and a subtle outline close to the upper lashes.

6. Blue lipstick

This photo was taken for a Marie Claire shoot and translates Iza’s style well. The look was made with blue lipstick from Urban Decay and golden brown make-up, all by Andre Veloso.

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