Hey, everybody, I hope you are well and feeling fabulous Blac Chyna, has recently sent social media into a spin after posting a sonogram picture of a new baby insulating that she might be pregnant again, however, not everyone is convinced. Blac China posted the sonogram shot on her Instagram feed with a simple caption saying “blessed 2020”.

She did not mention anything more specific about whether or not that is her baby, a picture of someone else’s baby or even a shot screen taking off of Google just to troll people online.

Almost immediately fans of the reality star started to question her motives in the comment Section one person wrote “not true” with another simply saying girl “quit playing” a few people think it was just a straight-up troll post.

A lot of her followers believe she screenshot and lifted the picture from google images when you search for a sonogram. Now, it does look like a generic sonogram picture from google.

However, as you might be aware a lot of sonogram pictures do look a like . Some people are speculating who the father might be as it doesn’t seem that Blac Chyna is publicly dating at the moment. Blac Chyna, did attend the Oscars on Sunday with an award-winning producer named big head Tito, who she posted a video with arriving at the big event.

If she is being serious, then this will be her third child as she shares a son with rapper Tiger and she also has a daughter with Rob Kardashian. However, not all the responses have been negative . One fan commented, Yay, another beautiful baby by a beautiful angel.

As of now, Blac China has not publicly commented on the pregnancy situation maybe I’m being cynical and it was just a way for her to drive people to her page as she knows it will bring a lot of publicity .

On another note, Blac Chyna has recently been in a custody war with Rob Kardashian over their daughter dream.

*Update*Blac Chyna has taken down the sonogram picture from Instagram. She has not addressed whether or not it was a mistake or someone else posted it.

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