If you knew you couldn’t fail what new goals would you set yourself?

Today I want to talk to you about how to handle mistakes and failures in your life. One of my favorite questions is that if you’re absolutely guaranteed of success in any task or goal large or small, what great goal would you set for yourself?

Everyone tends to make mistakes in their lives. The only question is: do you stay positive and keep moving forward from life’s inevitable ups and downs?

Here’s how you can learn to maintain a positive mindset and benefit from your failures in the face of adversity? First, for you to truly understand yourself and to move forward from the troubling things that may have happened in your past, you have to be able to shred and remove any doubts that you have from the past.

You must rid yourself of those thoughts and feelings it could be by revealing them to someone you trust who won’t make you feel guilty or ashamed for what has happened.

There are two ways to look at the world: the negative or positive way. People with a negative worldview tend to play the role of the victim. They tend to see life as a continuous succession of problems and a procession of unfairness and oppression.

They can’t move forward they shrug their shoulders and passively accept that this is just the way life is, and there isn’t anything that they can do to make it better.

On the other hand, people who practice positive thinking see the world around them as filled with opportunities and possibilities. They believe that everything that happens both good and bad is just part of a great process designed to make them successful and happy in the end.

They approach their lives, their work and their relationships with optimism, cheerfulness and a general vibe of positive thinking and expectations. They stay positive, expect a lot and are seldom disappointed.

When you develop this skill, you become the kind of person who welcomes obstacles and setbacks as opportunities to flex your mental muscles and move forward. You look at problems as rungs on the ladder of success that you grab onto as you pull yourself higher and higher.

A common but misguided way to handle a setback or mistake in life is simply to accept that’s life and you’re just unlucky or just continue to make the same choice/decision over and over again……”FUN FACT “ 70% of all decisions we make will be wrong.

The above is just an average. The fact is that our society, our families, our companies and our relationships continue to survive and thrive simply because intelligent people tend to cut their losses, stay positive and minimize their mistakes.

It’s only when people refuse to accept that they have made a bad choice or decision and prolong the consequences by sticking to that bad choice or decision that mistakes become extremely expensive and hurtful.

Learn from your mistakes. The second common approach that people take in regards to their mistakes and one that hurts and impacts a lot of peoples lives and careers is the failure to use your mistakes to better yourself and to improve the quality of your mind and your thinking and that’s why learning from your mistakes is an essential skill that enables you to move forward.

Stay positive and develop the resilience to be a master of change, rather than a victim of change. The person who recognizes that he or she has made a mistake and changes the direction the fastest is the one who will win in an age of increasing information, technology and competition.

By remaining fast on your feet, you will be able to outplay your competition, you will become a creator of circumstances rather than a creature of circumstances. Now I’d love to hear from you. So my question today is this: tell me about a mistake you made, and what did you learn from it leave a comment below and hit that share button if you know someone who would benefit from this information.





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