Did you know that, for your  makeup to have that natural look & finish, you really need to take some skin care

Myths and truths about skin preparation with makeup

You must remove all makeup before going to sleep.

TRUTH! You must remove all your makeup before you go to bed so that your pores are not clogged up – otherwise, there is a strong chance you will end up with blackheads and pimples.

In addition to a good quality cleaning gel for such as Neutrogena purified skin it’s also worth considering the use of Micellar water to completely reach the deeper layers of your skin.

If you’ve got dark skin or your mixed race you don’t need to worry about using any screen .

MYTH! The use of sunscreen is essential even if your makeup has an SPF amount, never forget that the SPF factor will only reinforce the protection, not replace it.

On the other hand, there are colored protectors that can replace the base, since they end up unifying and toning the skin in a very natural way.

You need to moisturize your skin before makeup.

TRUTH! If the skin is very dry, the makeup will not adhere very well. So, in addition to cleaning the skin, invest in a good facial moisturizer.

Our recommendation is NEUTROGENA HYDRO BOOST® Water Facial Moisturizing Gel SPF 25. In addition to renewing and restoring skin water levels throughout the day, this cream also has a sun protection factor and vitamin C, which protect against the effects of premature aging.

It is also important to take care of the eye area, especially if you use concealer in the dark circles area. Good hydration on that part of the face helps to avoid the cracked effect of the make up.

The way you remove mascara from your lashes can cause wrinkles.

TRUTH! Cleaning your eyes with a lot of force and aggressiveness can cause flaccidity and the appearance of fine lines.

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