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How Do You Know If You Can Trust A Man Who Has CHEATED


In today’s post, I’m going to attempt to answer the age-old question: Once a cheat always a cheat?

If a man has cheated before is it a guarantee that he will cheat again when he’s in a new relationship. I’ve got some powerful questions for you to ask yourself when you’re making that decision for yourself.

So I receive a lot of post requests from women asking me to write a blog post about this particular subject.

I mean it goes without saying that if a man has cheated before on somebody else, he’s already demonstrated that he is willing and able to violate the trust of another person.

Now he might say he’s got explanations as to why it happened and he might try and explain it in a thousand different ways.

But the bottom line is a man who is willing to cheat has demonstrated in my opinion a fundamental lack of respect for his past partner and a worrying lack of commitment to his previous relationships.

In my humble opinion if a man has a lack of integrity and a lack of commitment around his relationships in the past then there’s a greater chance that he’s going to repeat those actions again.

But I want you to ask yourself a few honest and powerful questions when you’re evaluating if a man who is cheated before either on somebody else or on you and whether or not you want to give him a second chance and take that risk.

The first question is: did he tell you and did he openly acknowledge that he cheated on you or did you catch him out? Did you have to catch him in the act or did he come to you and admit that he had done something wrong.

Now the reason I asked the above is that if he was self-aware and he was proactive in sharing with you, what happened, it does demonstrate that he does have some conscience about his actions and he did feel a responsibility to tell you about what he did.

So that is a good sign, however, if he made no effort to tell you and you just busted him straight out lying by checking his phone or some other method.

That shows that he was trying to hide it and the chances Are he was never going to tell you unless he was caught out .

In my opinion, that would be a strong warning sign that it’s a bigger risk than you might want to take.

The second question is: did he show actual remorse for his behavior?

So did he actually genuinely apologize when either you confronted him with this or he came to you on his own right?

Did he sincerely and genuinely apologize? That would be a great indicator that he is possibly willing to change right.

He needs to be firmly apologetic and take full ownership of his situation if he is trying to justify it. If he’s trying to provide some lengthy explanation as to why he did it or even worse, try to blame it on the person he cheated on you with those are bad signs.

If a man is not willing to take full accountability and ownership of his mistakes again, it demonstrates a lack of integrity which is going to make him clearly capable and even willing to doing it again.

The third question is: is he willing to go above and beyond and do whatever it takes to regain and earn your trust?

because the bottom line is he committed a serious breach of your trust with you or he has a habit of cheating on previous partners in past relationships and if he wants to prove you to you that he’s changed he needs to be willing to do whatever it takes.

He will need to be willing and ready to do whatever it takes to earn the right to be in your life and he will need to show that he is aware that you now have your doubts about him as a person.

If a man cheated on you or on someone else in general, then yes, he is going to be more likely to cheat again because it does demonstrate fundamentally a lack of integrity and truthfulness.

Does it mean that he absolutely will cheat again, not necessarily if he was proactive about coming to you and admitting that he had been unfaithful to you or to somebody else in the past?

If you didn’t catch him, trying to hide it, it demonstrates that he has a conscience especially if he demonstrates that he willing to take ownership of the situation.

Importantly, I would consider it a red flag, if he tries to blame it on the other woman or even worse he tries to blame it on you.

As I said earlier if he takes full responsibility then I would consider that as a man with integrity and a willingness to move forward, and if he shows consistently over time that he is willing to do whatever it takes to rebuild your trust and reconnect with you

Okay, so I think you get the idea that they will have to want to change and they have to be inspired to change because change is not natural for most people.

Now, the last question. I want you to honestly ask yourself?

Is it in your best interest to maintain or deepen a relationship with a man who has proven that he has betrayed the trust of his partners in the past?

I understand it can be scary letting go of a partner . However, you need to be honest with yourself . Are you cheating this man as though he is the only man out there are you operating from a scarcity mindset?

I guarantee you that there are other men out there who would have respect and integrity for you and themselves to never cheat.

So, please don’t settle and don’t believe that this is the only man out there and don’t feel that just because you’ve invested a lot of time and a lot of energy into him that you’ve got no choice but to maintain the relationship.

Never forget there are other possibilities for you out there, especially when you’re willing to release and free yourself from a relationship that no longer serves you and that no longer makes you feel safe.

So, while there is always a chance that if a man is really committed, he can change his ways and he can be different in a relationship with you. You’ve got to ask yourself: is it worth taking that risk and potentially wasting a lot of your time and a lot of energy on someone who’s already demonstrated that maybe a committed relationship isn’t really what he wants.

So I hope this answered that question. As always I’d love to hear your shares in the comments. section and please share this article with someone who you think needs to read it Male or female.

Can men change? Is it worth taking the time for you to do so? Thanks for reading x

How to Handle Haters




Today I’m going to share with you, something that I learned from Grant, Cardone in his audiobook the 10x rule, which is probably in my top three most, motivating book recommendations. I’ve listened to that audiobook probably at, least five times in its entirety since I, first heard it a few years ago.

It is, one of those audiobooks that can give you that needed kick in the butt when you’re feeling, unmotivated and you just need someone to, kind of give you that boost of, motivation and also some really great, practical steps and techniques to take, action in your life.

If you’re not, familiar with Grant Cardone, I will link his social media and YouTube, channel at the bottom of this post but, something that he says often that really, stands out to me and something that I, really want to share with you is the difference between haters and naysayers.

Now you might be thinking Melissa your blog is all about positivity why are, you talking about haters well something, that I actually find quite fascinating is why the haters/naysayer in our lives are can be a really toxic influence in your life because, they go under the radar so I’m gonna, explain to you a hater is basically, someone in your life who is jealous of, you or doesn’t want you to succeed or is, just a negative force in your life.

Now, normally the haters can be quite obvious and easy to identify, like you can notice when someone is, jealous of you or when someone has bad, intentions toward you so it’s very easy, to kind of avoid that.

However a naysayer can often be someone that’s very very close, to you so Grant uses the example of his, own mother being a naysayer in his own, life and the reason that this is so, dangerous is because it can really stop, you from pursuing your dreams without, you even realizing it.

so for example, Grant Cardone’s mom used to tell him you’ve got a good job like, you’re doing well, don’t try to go and start that business, don’t get into real estate it’s too, risky, you’re gonna lose all your money

You’re, going to make the wrong decisions, and you’re gonna end up disappointed and, I don’t want that to happen to you so, don’t do that and he says that these naysayers in our life are often, people who want the best for us they love us they truly believe they are trying to keep us safe and helping us avoid being disappointed.

However, in turn, they’re also preventing us from taking risks and are deterring us from going after what we, really want most in life, many of us probably aren’t even aware, of the naysayers in our life.

Now I’m not saying that it means that you need to, convince them to support you and, change their mind it just means you need to be, aware of when someone is being a, naysayer so that you, can go and take the action anyway.

Now, this is all about really trusting yourself, and when people start telling you, to stay small to not go after that level, of fitness that you’ve always wanted, because maybe you won’t make it or, maybe you don’t really have time to, commit to that gym schedule so don’t do that you’re just gonna end up disappointed and we don’t want you to, change we love you the way you are.

Messages like those above are on one hand so well-meaning and they seem like they’re wrapped in love however these kinds of actions and behaviors can also be very dangerous for our self-growth and for our personal development.

I just wanted to write this post as something for you to reflect on in your own life as this might be something that is preventing you, from going after what you really want in your life are there people in your life who are kind of telling you that just stay where you are we love you as you are you don’t start that new business.

But if you have these big dreams in your heart and if you have things that you really want to go after and experience then you’re gonna have to sometimes do it just by following what’s true in your heart

You might not always get the support from those close to you maybe they don’t have it in them to give that to you support sometimes you will just need to muster up your inner strength and just do it as you know it’s the right path for you.

Never forget this is your life and you need to grab all the opportunities that present themselves to you

Thanks for reading guys, and please leave your comments in the comment section below.


4 popular parenting styles and their effects on children


Once your child is out of infancy, as a parent you will begin to think about the next step of your child’s development.

After all, it’s not just about raising your protégé, but also educating them to be a good person.

The time with your newborn and young child goes by in a flash. It just felt like yesterday that you left the hospital with your little bundle of joy.

The sleepless nights are now behind you. Your little bundle of joy is growing and becoming more and more independent and confident.

They are pushing their boundaries and getting to know their own personalities they might have had there are first arguments when playing with other children. 

Don’t worry this is completely normal and, above all, a very important process when growing up and developing their own personality.

Children can be stubborn, moody, tearful and dreamy and sometimes also display slightly aggressive behavior. 

It’not only us as adults, but children also have good and bad days and everything is not always peace, joy, pancakes.

In addition to love and a stable environment, children also need rules. Because how a child is brought up often has an impact on the rest of life. 

Perhaps you still remember the upbringing you received as a child. If this was good, you will probably pass this upbringing style on to your own children or learn from the mistakes and want to do better.

If the child is treated with love, optimism, and trust, the course is at least set in the right direction in order to grow into a satisfied, happy and responsible person.

The parenting style

 Parenting style means the consistent basic attitude of the parents towards their children. Often this is shaped, for example, by how you were brought up in childhood and what the relationship with your own parents was like.

In addition to the personality-specific experiences, the social background, school education, and economic conditions also have an impact on your individual parenting style.

In today’s world, parents are increasingly unsure of how to raise their child or children and what is right for their own offspring. The reason for this is above all the increased flooding of advice and educational tips, from almost everywhere.

But even well-meaning tips from the super mothers from the daycare center, their own parents, neighbors or from friends and acquaintances can quickly overwhelm parents and make it difficult to commit to a suitable parenting style.

As different as the upbringing may be, the goal of all parents is to educate their child to be kind-hearted, tolerant, satisfied and confident adults. 

For some parents, discipline and obedience are the most important part of parenting, whereas, for other parents, children’s self-fulfillment is the most important area of parenting.

Now you’re probably wondering what different parenting styles there are. The list of parenting styles is long and includes the following:

  • Authoritarian parenting style
  • Anti-authoritarian parenting style
  • Autocratic parenting style
  • Democratic parenting style
  • Egalitarian parenting style
  • Laissez-Faire parenting style
  • Negative parenting style
  • Permissive parenting style

What is ultimately the best upbringing method for you and your child cannot be answered in general and must be decided by yourself. 

The most important thing when deciding what style of parenting works best for you is that you, as parents, agree on the upbringing, otherwise your child will question the methods and might play you off against each other.

 Have faith in yourself as a parent or parents to make the right impulsive decision by combining the different parenting styles in a meaningful way.

Four different parenting styles

To bring a little light into the dark, we have taken a closer look at four parenting styles and summarized the different features as well as possible advantages and disadvantages for you:

1. The disciplinarian parenting style

The discipline parenting style is characterized by many rules, strict regulations that must be observed by your child. Rewards or punishments are also typical features of the authoritarian parenting style.

Children have no choice but to submit to their parents and follow the instructions of the authority figures. This style of parenting was very popular in the past, the discipline style was used frequently to instill discipline and a sense of duty into the youngest children.

Features of the authoritarian parenting style:

  • Parents determine and tell the children what and how they have to do things
  • Parents are in control of their children
  • If the rules are not followed, punishments will follow
  • Clear hierarchy with parents at the top
  • Parents are responsible and leave little room for childlike self-development

Disadvantages of a strictly authoritarian parenting style:

Parent-child relationships are often characterized by distance and less warmth
Lack of exchange between parents and children
Children may not be able to develop and express their creativity
Children become aggressive and also want others to submit to them
Children remain submissive and lack self-confidence
Children often find it difficult to make their own decisions

However, the disciplinarian style of parenting that is now considered outdated by some parents. However, in certain situations, the disciplinarian style of parenting can still be used today.

Never forget that some life situations sometimes require parents to act authoritatively to protect their children and show them the necessary limits.

For example at school and also later in life when they start their professional career, it can be important to take certain authority figures seriously.

However, caution is advised if the methods are exaggerated and result in an abuse of power. Sensitive children, in particular, can even experience mental disorders, such as obsessive-compulsive disorders and end up with low self-esteem.

2. Democratic parenting style

The democratic upbringing style is primarily characterized by the fact that children and parents meet at eye level. The pioneering method of democratic education is the anti-authoritarian method of education.

In contrast to the disciplinarian parenting style, little rules are set for the children and at the same time, a lot of room for your child’s personal development is given.

The aim of this educational method is that children’s personalities can develop freely.

However, this method of parenting is not free of any rules. Here, too, certain rules and limits apply, which must be observed but without restricting the child’s self-development.

Characteristics of the democratic parenting style:

Important decisions are discussed beforehand between parents and children
Parents involve children in decisions and want to know their opinion. The decision itself is ultimately made by the parents
Parents promote their kids’ independence and initiative
Parents rarely give orders
Authority and freedom are balanced
Parents make suggestions and then discuss them with their offspring
Children are involved in decisions, discussions, and planning
Children experience acceptance, affection and a warm bond with each other.

Advantages and disadvantages of the democratic parenting style:

Children are raised confidently and often show compassion for their fellow human beings
The ability to work in a team is learned early on, which pays off later in school and in professional life
Children are emotionally strengthened by a stable home and are often balanced and responsible
Children are communicative and want to discuss problems
Possible disadvantages are: Since there is no hierarchical structure, parents are often put to the test of patience in which they have to discuss for a long time and often with their offspring of equal rights

The Relaxed Anything Goes Parenting Parenting Style:

This style of parenting largely leave their children to their own devices and only play a very passive role as a parent. The parents hardly set any rules and boundaries and, if at all, only very rarely set guidelines.

With the anything-goes style of parenting, parents also have no demands on their children and often parents control their children from a distance. In extreme cases, parents even neglect their children’s mental and physical wellbeing.

Features of the anything-goes parenting style :

Parents are not very interested in education. They often let their children go through everything without any consequences
This style of upbringing is often characterized by indifference
Parents rarely participate in their children’s lives
Parents only play a passive role in their children’s lives
There are few or no rules or guidelines for children

Disadvantages of the anything-goes style of parenting :

Children are left to their own devices and experience little security from their parents’ home
Parents are indifferent and disinterested in their children, which is why they often feel undesirable.
The emotional distance between children and parents is usually large.
Children often find it difficult to maintain relationships and maintain friendships.
The willingness to perform, as well as the commitment at school and later in professional life, suffer from this parenting style.
Children have wishes and ideas, but often do not implement them because they lack support and appreciation.
Children who have been neglected are statistically more prone to crime, drug and alcohol abuse in adulthood.


Now I will admit some of you will disagree with some of the examples used for the different parenting styles. In my humble opinion, you should trust your inner voice and gut when it comes to raising your little one.

Just let the best of the different parenting styles flow into your very own upbringing.

As long as a child grows up with love, support, care and a lot of warmth, you will raise a confident, friendly, helpful and lovable adult who you will be incredibly proud of.

Makeup for black skin


I will admit I’m late to the party as I’ve only recently started listening to Iza I love not only her voice but also her style.

I love the way she rocks really bold and unconventional makeup styles that just pops on melanin-rich skin.

The best part is that many of Iza’s make up ideas are super adaptable for everyday life. It’s time for you to become inspired!

1. Glossy eyes

Iza is a super fan of gloss and is not afraid to use it on the eyelids, both in colored and neutral versions! Here, she rocked with a wet black eye, which falls really well at night. 

2. Metallic lipstick

Colorful and super flashy lipstick is part of Iza’s unique style . The trend of super metallic lipsticks looks incredible on black skin!

3. Dark lacquered lipstick

Iza looks so sultry with this light makeup style and dark lacquered lipstick. This is a simple style to get right and looks beautiful amazing any time of the day or night! .

4. Makeup-Free look

Iza looks amazing here with a very discreet and natural makeup look. I love the subtle wet brown tone in the lower lash line. 

5. Eyelashes

Another way to enhance the discreet make-up of everyday life: choose mega lashes , false or natural.  In this photo, Iza also used a little bit more blush, with neutral shadows and a subtle outline close to the upper lashes.

6. Blue lipstick

This photo was taken for a Marie Claire shoot and translates Iza’s style well. The look was made with blue lipstick from Urban Decay and golden brown make-up, all by Andre Veloso.

I hope you enjoyed this short post as always hit the share button and leave your comments below .

Coconut Oil Hair Benefits


Coconut Oil, what is it?

There’s a lot more to this ingredient than the name suggests, Coconut Oil can come in different qualities that are directly linked to where and how it is produced.

Extracting Coconut Oil can be achieved via either a dry or wet process. Dry involves the use of sunlight, kilns, or fire to create a substance called Copra, from which the oil is extracted either through pressing or the use of solvents.

Wet processing uses raw coconut and extracts oil through the use of centrifuges, acids, and even shockwaves.

However, there is a third natural alternative. Virgin Coconut Oil is made from fresh coconut meat by placing it in a press and squeezing, no chemicals, no fancy machinery.

This retains its natural taste, aroma, and nutritional benefits and is the reason why we only use Virgin Coconut Oil in our products.

Why you should be using it

Virgin Coconut Oil is one of the best sources of heart-healthy medium-chain fatty acids, such as Lauric acid which boosts the immune system through its antiviral and antibacterial properties.

Coconut oil when used to fry food or as a flavouring produces a lovely nutty taste with a touch of sweetness. Used frequently in a whole host of South Asian dishes it makes a great fragrant base for curries, stir-fries and marinades.

You can also use it in baking and as a substitute for other oils including butter.

On your skin feel free to indulge, the molecular structure of coconut oil makes it a great massage oil and moisturiser (especially for those with dry skin).

It also delays wrinkles and skin sagging and can be used in treating various skin problems including psoriasis, dermatitis and eczema.

When used on hair it is one of the best conditioners money can buy, moisturising the scalp and dry or damaged hair with the minimum of fuss.

The combination of antibacterial properties and molecular size and structure that allows it to penetrate directly into the hair’s cortex makes it unbeatable for;

  1. Stimulating hair growth deep within the follicles.
  2. Adding lustre, shine and softness to the hair.
  3. Fighting dandruff and infection caused by insect bites.
  4. Slowing down hair loss.
How we use it
Coconut oil hair benefits
Benefits of coconut oil

So there you go true superfood and super resource for healthy skin and hair. We use it in our Shampoo and Conditioner, and  Moisturising hair cream, to give your hair a true moisturising experience and a healthy lustre.

We’d love to know how you use Coconut Oil, share any recipes or tips below.

Thanks for reading as always hit the share buttons and leave your comments below.

stay beautiful xx

5 Top Tips To Maximise Hair Growth

beautiful curly hair

Do you want thick, shiny, and healthy hair?

We spend hundreds and in some cases thousands of pounds every year getting our hair to look effortlessly Flawless. 

The look that we are desperately trying to achieve is the look of healthy hair. The problem is, that many of the products available on the market are designed to make our hair appear healthy, rather than simply be healthy. 

Some of you might think, “well, That’s not so bad, is it !” but actually, it is. what some of us don’t realize is that in addition to coating the hair shaft, reflecting light and giving the desired appearance, Ingredients such as mineral oil, petroleum, and silicone can be the very thing causing dryness, dandruff and oh yes, splits ends.

At Black & Lovely, we believe that healthy hair should be more than just an illusion so we have put together a list of our top seven natural remedies that can be used to achieving healthy, shining, and dare I say flawless strands….

1. Eat plenty of protein

A diet rich in protein can stimulate faster hair growth because the essential component of hair is protein. If the body is not getting sufficient amounts, then neither will your hair, Great sources of protein include fish, eggs, yogurt, and pulses.

2. Drink Nettle tea!

Rich in vitamins A, C, K, calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron, and chlorophyllin, Nettle is a fantastic ingredient for our tresses. Drinking Nettle tea can improves hair texture, color, and vibrancy.

It increases blood flow to the scalp,  blocks the conversion of testosterone into DHT (the chemical in the body that contributes to hair loss)  which helps keep the hair in the growing phase for longer.

Nettle also oxygenates the hair follicles and strengthens hair fibers, promoting healthier, shinier, fuller hair. It is also effective for getting rid of dandruff and other problems of the scalp.

3. A daily head Massage

We all know that the blood is the body’s transport system, delivering oxygen, nutrients and minerals to your body’s cells.

Your scalp is the part of you that stays farthest away from gravity, always stays up and so blood supply to the roots of the hair isn’t always sufficient for optimal hair growth.

regular massages can help to stimulate the blood flow to the scalp area and feed the follicles with essential vitamins and minerals which encourages healthy hair growth.

4. Water

Drink plenty of water. On average the hair shaft is comprised of one part water, slightly less in afro hair types.

Staying hydrated and maintaining optimum levels of water in the hair helps to increase the hair’s elasticity and reduce breakage.

There are many other benefits to drinking water besides hair growth. Good skin, increased immunity function, a better digestive system, and a healthier gut.

5Herbal hair rinse

Before the days of bottled shampoo and conditioners, herbal hair rinses were used to naturally soften hair, restore luster, body, shine and increase hair manageability.

Herbal Hair Tea can help stimulate hair growth, control dandruff, soothe scalp irritation, and enrich natural color. Herbal hair rinses contain blends of organic botanical ingredients and essential oils which are well known for their abilities to enhance the health of your strands, A natural hair rinse may be just what you need to put the oomph back into your hair.


Iron plays a vital role in the body including the health of our hair, the rate at which it grows and the maximum length which can be achieved. For more information on the role Iron plays in our hair health please check out future blogs. Great sources of iron include walnuts, red meat, spinach, and kale.

Thanks for reading as always hit the share button and leave your comments below.

Stay beautifulx




For me, the toughest part of working out is just making it to the gym. Once I get there, I’m fine. People always ask me how can I work out consistently for long periods of time without feeling bored and demotivated.

We’ve written numerous posts about motivation and will power, but here are the top 5 things I say/do to motivate myself to workout.

1. I cuss

Yea, you read that right. Sometimes when I’m at my laziest of lazy and I know I need to go workout, I say a few bad words to myself. It usually goes something like this.

“Hey, stop being a lazy b****.” Seriously, I’m usually a pretty motivated person but sometimes I am just being a lazy b****.

So, after my little cuss-word filled pep talk,  I get up off the couch and take myself to workout. If I’m feeling particularly lazy, I choose my favorite/easiest workout as a reward for getting up. Usually, once I get to the gym and get started with my easy day, I kick it up a notch.

2. Focus on getting dressed

The workout isn’t the hardest part, it’s making up your mind to go then getting dressed! If I can get my gym clothes on that’s 90% of the battle right there. Who gets ready to go to the gym, then sits back on the couch? Try it

3. Visualization

This REALLY works! You have to really want to meet your goals, though. You can’t wish to lose 10 lbs and halfway work at it. You need to have a specific plan. Stop thinking you can never reach your goals. Look in the mirror and tell yourself that you are,<fill in the blank>.

For me, the blank is  <not just the skinny girl, the fit girl with muscles!> It’s not just about visualizing your fitness goals, but start following healthy living blogs (like the awesome one you’re on right now) and social media sites that motivate you and give you that extra push when you need it most.

4. Focus on a feeling

Sometimes when tips 1-3 aren’t enough to get me up, I focus on how I feel after I’m done working out. I’ve said this time and time again in posts, I DON’T LIKE TO WORKOUT.

Yea, I said it. I don’t like it. So instead of giving up, I decided to find something about it that I did like. My favorite thing is how I feel after a great workout.

I feel super accomplished – like I’ve taken another step toward my goals. That’s what I focus on. Usually, if I’m being lazy on the couch it’s because I feel like crap. And you know what helps…a workout.

5. Ask yourself who you are

Are you a person that always says you’re going to do something and never follow through? Specifically in regards to fitness. Have you been trying to lose 10lbs for 10 years? Is that who you want to be? I didn’t think so. Think about what steps you need to take to change that. Whether it’s just eating better, stepping up your workouts, hiring a trainer, or whatever.

Decide who you want to be, then get up and BECOME that person.

Thanks for reading and as always hit those share buttons and leave your comments below.


black woman meditating

Here at Black & Lovely, we break down barriers that keep black women from becoming active and one of the biggest barriers could be hair care. 

We focus on providing practical workout hair care solutions for every hair type and texture in addition to nutrition, workouts, and general healthy living tips.

When practicing hot yoga, you must pay special attention to your hair to keep it from drying out.

Here are a few tips that will help you take care of your hair and skin before, during and after hot yoga.

Bikram Yoga Hair Care Tips

  • Apply oil a little oil to your scalp before class. Be sure to rub it or it will drip down your face during downward dog. We recommend argan, Ayurvedic, olive, or almond oil.
  • Hot yoga requires you to be present in the moment, and the last thing you want to do is fuss with hair in your face. Be sure to securely pull hair back into a bun. This keeps your ends protected as well.
  • After class is finished be sure to dry damp hair with a microfiber towel or an old t-shirt. Cotton towels will cause your hair to frizz and break.
  • Although your hair may be damp with sweat, remember to spray it again with a light moisturizing spray as the salt from the sweat will cause your hair to feel brittle when it dries. I also recommend adding a heavier moisturizer such as Obia Naturals Curl Moisture Cream.
  • If your hairstyle just isn’t working you can throw on your favorite wig or cute hat to cover up your post-workout hair.

Try the Black & Lovely (BAL) hair care method.  It’s one of our favorite post-gym workout hair care solutions when we are in a hurry after swimming and hot yoga.

Step 1 – Rinse hair thoroughly with warm water
Step 2 – Apply an intensive deep conditioner and don’t rinse it out
Step 4 – Ring hair out and pat until it’s partially dry
Step 5 – Pull hair back into a bun, apply a plastic cap and your favorite headscarf (you can opt for a simple bun if you don’t want to wear a headscarf).
Step 5.5- Tie the head-scarf in a cute way so you don’t look like Aunt Jemima. 
Step 6 – Go run errands and wash the deep conditioner out at a later time. It’s your own on the go deep conditioning treatment.

Body and beauty tips

  • Use all-natural body products, cleansers, and oils to hydrate, moisturize, and replenish skin.
  • Remove all makeup and cleanse your face before practicing hot yoga. The worst thing you can do to your face is mix sweat and makeup with open pores. Yuck!
  • The room can be upwards of 100 degrees so be sure moisturize your skin too.
  • Keep yourself hydrated before, during, and after class. Water is not only essential for your body but it’s a major factor in hair growth.

As always thanks for reading and hit the share buttons and leave your comments below.

Love Your Curly Hair

5 Tips for afro hair

Is there anything better than discovering a new hair love? 

I’ve been searching for some new hair products for curly hair for a while – especially now that summertime is just around the corner. 

Anyone who has curly or curly hair knows that hydration especially in the summer is an essential step to having healthy hair. 

I like to use a moisturizing treatment at home at least once a week and a few months ago my new go-to hair product is L’Oréal Professionnel Curl Contour

Let’s have a look at the official product description

L’Oréal Profesional Curl Contour Mask repairs and intensely nourishes the hair fiber and also helps to maintain the shape of the curls. 

Its formulation contains:

Grape Seed Oil: which strengthens the hair and contributes to making your hair brighter and softer; Berrentrimônio Chloride: which has conditioning and antistatic properties to reduce frizz; Palm Oil: which acts as an antioxidant and emollient, providing hydration and shine to the hair; Citric Acid: which minimizes damage caused by the sun and pollution.

L’Oréal Professional Curl Contour Mask is suitable for curly hair. It has a light texture that does not make your curly hair feel too heavy and goopy.

The first impression of this hair treatment mask was the lightness it provided when applied to my hair. I feel that, at times, some hair brands exaggerate the weight of treatments for curly hair. 

Curl Contour is smooth and great to use more than once a week, One of the things I really like about the Curl Contour mask is its versatility. 

I love the fact that it works really well whether you use it as a quick care product or you can use it as a leave-in conditioner for around 20 minutes.

I recently used it as an overnight leave-in conditioner recently and it added a lovely shine to my hair.

It is also possible to mix it with vegetable oil which will help to enhance the nutritional value and effect. I love that this is the type of wildcard product that can really adapt to all your beauty needs!

I also love the way this product made my curls really tight and super defined.

Although L’Oréal describes Curl Contour as nutritious, I would say that it works more as a hydration hair product. 

The amount of oils in the formula is subtle, so if your goal is to nourish and gain ultra shine, I suggest that you mix a vegetable oil (such as olive, coconut, jojoba) with the product.

What’s your thoughts have you ever tried it? Leave your comments below and as always hit those share buttons .

5 advantages of having short hair


Check out these 5 reasons to embrace short hair

1: It’s timeless

Just turn on the TV or open the fashion magazines to notice that short hair is very much back in fashion. It’s a truly timeless look that’s been popular throughout the decades.

2:It feels so fresh and clean

In the summer, having short hair is awesome! No need to suffer from the heat going to the gym and working out without feeling like a hot mess after and while your exercising.

3:It’s light and elegant

Autumn is the most elegant season of the year. And short hair follows the same line of sophistication to match the autumn and winter season: it enhances the face and highlights any nice element that we decide to add to the mix of the look, such as makeup, earrings, or even just a scarf around the neck.

4:It’s practical

Spend hours fixing your hair? Forget that! By choosing a short hairstyle you will have more time to do the things you really want to do. Whether that’s building your next million-dollar business or just chilling out and reading a good book you will find that you have a lot more free time to yourself.

5:It will save you money 🙂

I don’t think I even need to break down the maths on this one. It’s obvious maintaining short hair is a lot more economical than 99.99% of other styles you could opt for.

Well, there you have it what do you think . Would you rock short hair? As always hit the social share buttons and leave your comments below.

Braids with Beads for Women


Are you looking for a low maintenance style?

What do box braids, cornrows, micro braids, and every other braided style have in common besides the fact that they require little attention and maintenance? They can all be accessorized with braid beads.

Beads and braids are perfect for long hot summer. Braiding and cornrowing has been a tradition in many African cultures for thousands of years.

1 Box-Braided Bun. A bun is always an elegant look, especially when it’s box-braided and can also be enhanced with beads and it can add an interesting twist with a nice feminine element.

2 Halo Braid with Beads. The braided headband isn’t exclusive to Coachella and festivals., With Just a few beads this look is both classic elegant and perfect for special occasions.

3 Box braid bead ponytail. There’s, nothing better than an elegant ponytail it can look both youthful and regal. Simply,box-braid the hair up into a ponytail plus having your hair up in the summer away from your face is a bonus.

4 Bantu Knots and Beads. This hairstyle is stylish trendy and versatile no matter what type of hair texture you have, you can easily style Bantu knots. Known as a great way to preserve and grow hair the Bantu style with braids is double the protection.

5 Goddess Braids with Beads. Here’s one another cute way to wear golden beads of different sizes for natural hair goddess braids will awaken your inner queen

6 Braided Topknot with Beads. We’re obsessed with topknots in general and this protective hairstyle with a braided topknot is simply perfection. This style will also keep you cool all summer.

7 Kanekalon Magic. This minimalistic hairstyle is made of kanekalon braids and a few beads, of course, you can use as many beads as you want. Everything depends on your mood and occasion.

Do you ever wear beads with your braids? As always hit the share buttons and leave your comments in the section below 🙂


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